About Us


Hemato Pte. Ltd. is a unique organization with dealings in import and export of Crude Oil, LNG, LPG, Chemicals, Lubricants, Minerals as well  specializing in Molybdenum and Tungsten which are exclusive product line.

Plus in alliance as members of Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC), Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC), Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce (SSCC), Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), US Chamber of Commerce (USCC),  Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS),  Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA),  and American Nuclear Society (ANS).

Promoting Green energy, Nuclear innovations to Food & Agriculture Fields. Medical Isotopes and Medical Radiation Equipments. Deriving water and environmental conservation to make the planet Green.

“As we believe in Assiduity and Assimilation that will lead us through the right path of success.”

“Join us together to build a Brighter Future”.

Welcome to Green Singapore Company “Hemato”.

Best Regards.

Board Directors.