Welcome To Hemato Pte Ltd, Singapore.


Welcome Hemato Pte Ltd , Singapore

We, Hemato Pte.Ltd. Singapore, Imports and exports Crude Oil, LNG,LPG, Chemicals, Lubricants, having an expertise to ship the commodities that we are handling from various parts of the globe.

Hemato Pte.Ltd. Singapore also specialized in Molybdenum and Tungsten exclusive product line, having good expertise in Lubrication fields for automobile, industrial, aviation and defence grade of made to order products representing the best producers from PRC.

All the directors of the company are the members of Canadian Nuclear Society and we are also enrolling for Singapore Chamber of Commerce for the best future. Promoting Green energy and Nuclear services to Agriculture and medical fields also water conservation and environmental benefits.

“Our team believes in Assiduity  and Assimilation lead us to right path of success .”

“Join us together for Brighter Future”.

Best Regards.

Hemato Pte.Ltd.

Board Directors.


  1. Good morning dear,

    I highly appreicate the new establishment of the new company website Hemato Asia.

    Here i would like to thank you to our Chair person for being enthusiast and commensurable for the work

    Thank you
    Best regards

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  2. Good morning

    Glad to join always.
    Our team with success.
    Wish to outshine the company with fake and rewards of achievements.

    Pleasure to be a part of Hemato .

    Best regards,

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