Zinc based Osmium….

Osmium is a chemical element with symbol Os and atomic number 76. It is a hard, brittle, bluish-white transition metal in the platinum group that is found as a trace element in alloys, mostly in platinum ores. Osmium is the densest naturally occurring element, with an experimentally measured (using x-ray crystallography) density of 22.59 g/cm3….

Cocoa from Hemato

Direct from the farm producers…. Contact : hemato.sg@gmail.com Thank you. Hemato Pte Ltd Singapore.

Commercial Sulphur

Commercial Sulphur 99.95 % purity available in huge volumes. Specifications are below.If any interested buyers please do contact us. E mail: hemato.sg@gmail.com 🍀🍀🍀

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Thank you every one who are with http://www.HematoAsia.company & it’s one year today , we started it to show case our activities. We appreciate all the people visiting and cooperating on various discussions. Warm Regards. HEMATO PTE. LTD SINGAPORE.


Bitumen is actually the liquid binder that holds asphalt together. The term bitumen is often mistakenly used to describe asphalt. A bitumen-sealed road has a layer of bitumen sprayed and then covered with an aggregate. This is then repeated to give a two-coat seal. Asphalt is produced in a plant that heats, dries and mixes…